Sunday, December 16, 2012

LETTERS FROM HEAVEN: The Labor Pains Have Begun...

Well, here we are once again...Heck, FORGET THE FORMALITIES! Isn't this WONDERFUL...absolutely GREAT!!! It's like giving birth to your very first child and, boy, do I remember that! Those were the days when there was no epidural unless an emergency called for it; you squirmed, twisted, rocked, kicked, walked, flipped, SCREAMED (not me of course, I was too much of a lady for that, plus my mom would never have let me live it down), and CURSED (definitely, NOT me) in pain! You thought the baby was refusing to come on purpose, as though he/she had some malicious plan to make you suffer as much and as long as possible! But, as soon as the sweet little angel was born, your face would light up like the morning sun and you were, suddenly, engulfed in eternal bliss! The smile plastered on your face lingered so long that it began to look like you had gone into a coma with your eyes wide open! THAT'S THE WONDER OF CHILDBIRTH!

Now, I'm about to give birth for the eighth (8th) time; only this time, it's not to a person...but to many people. Actually, to a WHOLE CAST OF PEOPLE!! To some of the most awesome people you'll ever meet! And, a few you'll just love to hate! Oh, and the other thing is...they didn't come out...well, you know...not the normal way! It just so happens that this capriciously eclectic group of people was born from my head...well, my BRAIN, to be more specific! They are the "stuff" of my imagination, and what an imagination I have!

If you've been reading this blog, then you're already ahead of the rest of the world (and by the way, I'm going to post sort of a CONTEST in a few days JUST FOR YOU, so keep reading!). You already know the premise behind this book and a bit about the book itself! But, the time has come for you to learn more about the characters, and what make them tick...or get ticked off, or tick off each other! At any rate, the book is about to be birthed--it's been a long, torturous labor--and, hopefully, bring forth a golden child...I mean, an AWESOME BOOK!

Ooohhhh, you've been waiting for me to give you a date, haven't you? What am I thinking? Of course you need to know when to expect this "birth." Well, if you promise to come back and read the blog (and bring some friends with you), I'll promise to tell you then--in the next blog. I promise. But, in the meantime, I have a little treat for you that will hold you over until then: Another lengthy excerpt (to give you a better idea of the "tone" of the book: A lighter side of it, rather! I will be adding a few of the "letters" written in the book. I truly hope you enjoy the "Prologue" and excerpts from the book:  I do look forward to sharing the book (in it's entirety) with you in the not-so-far future.

In the meantime, merry Christmas shopping; have fun, try not to overspend, and be Safe. Until next time....Live, Love, and Laugh with a PASSION!

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