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Yesterday, I was excepted by the KICKSTARTER Team to Kickstart Letters From Heaven off to be a phenomenal success.  It's taken me almost 2 month to put my project together for acceptance! There were a lot of stages I had to go through to get it accepted. You can't begin to imagine what this means to me...to any writer!

The Kickstarter Program has helped many artists--not just writers--to take their projects, whether it be books, a new technology, fabulous fashions, or a debut album--to the NEXT level. It has helped some to achieve success at a LEVEL they would never have achieved otherwise!

✉LETTERS FROM HEAVEN ♥ A Mother's Love Never Dies! ♥   by V. V. Taylor ~ A compelling love story of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter, who refuses to allow even death to keep them apart.

It is a known fact that the "surviving" Traditional Publishing Companies have all but shut their doors to debuting authors...unless they know someone who knows someone! Even literary agents have over the past 10 years become extremely picky; looking for some knew style of writing to add another genre to the already confusing list (so they can claim discovery for it); only to leave great writers (not yet known or discovered) out in the cold with little possibility of being discovered. That's half the literary agents! The other half only want authors who have already been published and/or have achieved some level of success on their own. Such authors as Amanda Hocking, who had already reached a phenomenal level of success before the agents and publishers came knocking at her door. By her own admission, no one was even remotely considering giving her a chance at traditional publishing, until she'd already accomplished a level of success--many of us can only dream of--before being offered a contract: A contract she accepted by "choice," not out of need or necessity!

The Kickstart Project (if it's SUCCESSFUL) will afford me the opportunity to spend more time writing, and less time worrying about how I'm going to get the money for a Paperback cover, or pay for the ISBN# it will need, or pay for an editor (which is why I've been editing myself), and a number of other things I simply cannot afford on my own. Even the author of The Shack (an awesome Christian book), who self-published via $10,000 given to him by a friend (who saw potential in him and his book), admits he didn't have the funds to take it past the writing of it: No money for editing, book covers, distribution...none of it, until a friend offered the necessary help (financially) to move the book forward. And forward it moved: All the way to the NY Times Bestsellers List! If I remember correctly, the last time I saw Mr. Williams P. Young on TBN (Christian Network on TV), he claimed success of $3.5 million dollars.

I know that LETTERS FROM HEAVEN has the potential for the same success! I've tested it with "readers" (outside of the family) and have been given a 5-Star go ahead. Even when I focused on poetry before writing this book, I never got less than a standing ovation at the Poetry Slams; not to mention, that the very first "article" I submitted to the Local Newspaper for publishing, garnered me a "freelance position" on the spot with that paper! Absolute, true story! I wasn't even looking for a position at that time; I was already employed as a Social Worker with the Department of Social Services. So, can I write? There's no question about it! I was born a writer!

If you enjoy this blog - along with the excerpts of Letters From Heaven that I've added for your enjoyment - then help me to Kickstart Letters From Heaven off to be a world-wide success. You can help me achieve this goal in several ways: By sending your friends to this blog, telling everyone you know about the upcoming novel, LETTERS FROM HEAVEN; by tweeting it to your friends, talking about it on your Facebook page, and by going to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/784316705/letters-from-heaven-a-mothers-love-never-dies and assist in helping to move this book forward!

I am an independent, self-publishing author who more than believes in her work! I'm destined to succeed, but I know my limitations. You can be a huge part of my SUCCESS! So, come on board with me an assist in taking this book to the next level. I can do it alone if I have to; but I can DO SO MUCH MORE with YOUR HELP!

Help Angelica "Geli-bean" Snowden to come alive! Give her her rightful place in the hearts of the people at large (where she belongs), and get ready for her antics as a child, her complex life as a teen, and her many life-learning and life-giving lessons as an adult! Only you can take her from the pages to the hearts of the people, and help her to become a memorable "classic" for years to come.

We are depending on YOU, so lets get started--or should I say, KICKSTARTED--to help make LETTERS FROM HEAVEN a phenomenal SUCCESS, and become a PART OF SOMETHING GREAT!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays...and many, many Blessings!

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