Monday, April 3, 2017

FEMA Slave Labor Camps Are Becoming Operational

ALERT!!! WAKE UP AMERICA! FEMA Slave Labor Camps Are Becoming Operational;  
                                          The First Prisoners Have Already Arrived!

Please take the time to watch this video and then re-post on your site. This is what
our world has come to, and how it's treating our people! Help this to go
viral! Let America know we're not stupid, we won't go quietly into the
dark, and we won't stand for it!

I was confused and taken back when I first discovered that those currently in jail have to pay for being there! Apparently, this has been going on for quite some time:  What happened, did the states go broke? Of course not! And it seems they're being jailed for stuff that they could have simply received a warning for. 

I also ask ALL my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ (both in America and around the world) to join in Christian Unity to PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more! Only through prayer can we affect change! Please join me in this endeavor! Click on the link below to learn more: 


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